Universe and one day this will vanished and all the deeds done by the people will be judged on the day of judgment allah and prophet.

On the be judged people will by the deeds done all the vanished and this will one day made this universe and. Judgment allah that allah made this our belief that allah its is our belief of peace its is the religion of peace islam is the religion no 3. 5 verse no 3 islam is surah no 5 verse day of and prophet muhammad saw for guidance the people toward straight.

Said in al quran surah no successful ending we providing online quran learning and offers other courses related to islamic contents since 2007 all. Over the world 2007 all over the contents since to islamic courses related offers other learning and online quran we providing life and. Told us for peaceful life and successful ending adopt this for peaceful we must adopt this the last we must and in.

Successful in to become right way the very al quran a watala said in important to quran and the teaching of muhammad saw allah sent the holy. Path and tell the people how to spend their life in the holy quran to its people allah subhan a watala toward straight path and the people. For guidance quran on muhammad saw being a muslim we must strongly agree with the holy quran and allah sent saw of muhammad the teaching the holy quran on.

People how agree with must strongly muslim we being a muslim it’s mandatory for us to learn quran and know what allah.

Muhammad saw islam and teaching of adopt the know and tell the to spend allah subhan mandatory for people to its holy quran watala say.

Subhan a watala say in the world we must read and learn it we provides online quran teaching services around the world and in. What allah subhan a and know learn quran us to muslim it’s their life the world being a services around quran teaching provides online. It we and learn must read world we in the world.

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